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20 knitting instructions

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20 fashionable ideas for knitting with mohair for shawls, scarves, accessories and outerwear with a caressing factor.
In this book well-known designers present their favourite models made of cuddly yarns. 
  • Hat, scarf and jacket by Tanja Steinbach 
  • Triangular scarfs and scarf by Kerstin Balke (Stine & Stitch) 
  • Scarf, shawl, loop & cuffs, by Kristin Joél (Joél Joél - handmade 4 friends) 
  • Cardigan, headband and sweater by Imke von Nathusius 
  • Triangular scarfs and scarf by Katrin Schubert 
  • Scarf, neck warmers & gauntlets from Rahymah
  •  Loop and scarf by Lydia Klös 
The foreword was written by the bloggers Steffi (Feierabendfrickeleien) and Jane (jetztkochtsieauchnoch) - together also known as Frickelcast

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