KnitPro Changeable Needle Set 15cm Art no.: KP-20651

Symfonie Wood

  • Changeable Needle Set 15cm
Weight: 80 g
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This collection of 15cm long double pointed needles made of colorful laminated birch wood is the perfect gift for the enthusiastic sock knitter who prefers wooden needles.
It contains the most used needle sizes for sock knitting and then packed in this handy vinyl case (15cm x 16,5cm).
Please note the metric sizes, they are more exact than the American ones. 
A needle play has 5 needles. 
Although the Harmony needles are unusually strong, accidents happen and therefore a 6th needle is added to these needles up to 3,00 mm.
The set contains one game in each size: 
 2.00 mm - 2,50mm - 3,00mm - 3,50mm - 4,00mm / 15cm
Birchwood laminated
15 cm

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